Gina Lopez to Chinese Mining Companies, "Go Home to China!"

by viral pick

Gina Lopez is really proving her competence as the new Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR). In the latest reports, she issued stern warnings to Chinese mining companies operating in our territory.

The newly appointed environment Secretary Gina Lopez bravely warned Chinese mining companies to comply with the safety standards outlined by the Philippine government else they will face penalties including termination of government contracts and sending them back to mainland China.

Thousands of anti-Duterte voters are repeatedly criticizing the appointment of Gina Lopez because they believe that she could not perform the designated functions of the government agency. Those people never get tired in spreading their arguments on social media just to destroy the Duterte administration. Despite these challenges, Gina proved to them that she can manage the department in her full capacity.

Proof that she's doing well in her job!

DENR Secretary Gina Lopez's motherly figure makes her look harmless and gentle. However, unknown to many, she is very passionate in confronting business groups who are primary contributors of environmental destructions. As a good example, recently she ordered the suspension of five mining companies mainly operated by large Chinese businessmen in Zambales.

In a radio interview, the Secretary firmly mentioned that she will never stop to issue mining suspension orders to those mining groups who are showing utmost neglect to environmental safety standards. After she made the declaration, Gina Lopez also mentioned;

"Our people’s well being is more important than the money you[Chinese mining operators] make. If you want your money, go home bye bye!"


Why the Secretary is so disappointed to Chinese mining companies?

If Duterte is waging war against crimes and drugs, Gina Lopez' primary campaign is on close monitoring of violations and exploitations of natural resources in the Philippines. In a separate interview, the Secretary said that Chinese fishermen aren't practicing ethical fishing methods but they are simply capturing anything in the sea to the extent of destroying the natural habitat and coral reefs in the West Philippine sea.

What irked Gina the most was the irregularities in the mining activities of big Chinese enterpreneurs in Luzon. She keeps on reminding the groups that extraction of minerals and valuable ores aren't bad but what infuriates her are the company's deliberate activities leading to the destructions of the environment which directly impact the nearby communities.

Lopez is challenging the Chinese nationals to revisit their culture a hundred years back where they value nature and their people were "essentially very spiritual".

The Secretary also said that nowadays Chinese are becoming to greedy and materialistic. 

Gina Lopez added, "all they think of is money and they’re bullies, and it's not good at all."

Now that the Chinese mining companies are being warned by Secretary Gina Lopez to follow the mining laws of the Philippines, such pressure will hopefully make them realize that their operations will be shutdown if they violate the guidelines from DENR.

UPDATE: DENR latest aerial survey results reveals the actual footage showing the massive environmental destructions caused by mining firms in Caraga region.

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