Americans Vloggers Choose Their Favorite Filipino Celebrity Love Team, Is it Aldub or Jadine?

by viraL picker

Who do you think is the favorite love team of the American vloggers at FOMO Daily? Will they choose Jadine or Aldub?

The famous vloggers of Fomo Daily released a video on Youtube showing who among the top Filipino love teams is their favorite. A narrator at the background was initially heard discussing the Twitter request coming from one of their Filipino fans on social media. After all  the instructions were given to them, they started to give their personal evaluation based on three categories.

The American participants were given three areas to assess: (1) Facebook page of the celebrities (2) Movie Trailer and (3) Official Soundtrack

Two of the most popular love teams in the Philippines, Aldub vs Jadine
Two of the most popular love teams in the Philippines, Aldub vs Jadine

Take note, Americans are known for being brutality honest and very straight-forward when giving out their comments. This trait is pretty much observed in the video.

We were thinking that there will be a tight rating between the top onscreen Filipino celebrity couples of this generation. However, these American vloggers favored just one of the love teams starting from the first round all the way until the end.

Watch the video to see their individual judgment. I guess their decisions won't be a surprise to you. Enjoy!

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