Brandon Vera Helps a Marine Turtle Trapped in Plastic Garbage

by viraL picker

The famous mixed martial arts fighter 'Brandon Vera' untangled a turtle from a pack of plastic garbage that wraps around the marine life.

Non-biodegradable waste material dumped into the ocean is one of the critical threats to living marine organisms. Aside from potential direct destruction that it could cause to the aquatic resources, floating garbages can be mistakenly seen as food by the animals.

Speaking of floating trash like plastic bags, Brandon Vera spotted a marine turtle wrapped with plastic garbage in Sta. Rita Island, Camarines Sur. The professional MMA fighter helped the turtle by removing the plastic material that covered its entire body.

In the 2-minute video shared by Brandon via his official Facebook page, a girl and a couple of his friends are also seen helping him to remove the garbage from the turtle's body.

Before releasing the marine life back to the sea, Brandon issued a stern warning to those people who are throwing their garbages in the sea. Vera said he will kick their @sses for such irreponsible action.

Thousands of netizens are delighted to the efforts of Brandon Vera. His video continues to earn views while concerned netizens are asking him to report the incident to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Here's the original description of the viral video containing an important message of Brandon Vera. 

Man a huge problem in Tagkawayan, Quezon, and Off the cost of Sta. Rita island. Is that there is "Dynamite Fishing"

I don't know if they're locals of/from other islands/provinces but we should be trying to find out.
No matter how you look at it, whomever they are, are just being f#ck!ng lazy.... Alam Ko. Fishing is hard Ass work, but you to say "f#ck you mundo" "f#ck you to our waters" "f#ck you to our environment" f#ck you other people"...... man you have nerve. Ma kapal ang mukha mo.

I'd like to request to my fans to spread this and let it be know... this shit needs to end. Punishment should be severe, I'll dish it out...

Let's figure something out... I'm no activist, or environmentalist, but This turtle woulda been f#cked....

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