Stern Warning of Mocha Uson to VP Leni Robredo

by viral pick

Mocha Uson, leader of a famous sexy female group, issued a stern warning to Vice President Leni Robredo thru an open letter she shared on social media.

In a short post of Mocha Uson on Facebook, the message she has to the newly elected Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines is clear. Mocha urged Leni to show utmost support to the plans of Rodrigo Duterte else the die hard supporters of Duterte will remove her from the post.

Mocha also mentioned that the people wants a clean government just like what has been initially established by President Duterte in Davao city. The controversial sexy performer also demanded VP Leni to end his alliance and allegiance to the "corrupt" politicians.

Here's the viral open letter of Mocha containing the message for Leni Robredo.

Stern Warning of Mocha Uson to VP Leni Robredo

From the very start of the Presidential campaign, Mocha Uson was one of the celebrities who pledged to support the candidacy of Duterte.

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