Female Cop in Sexy Bikini Arrested a Thief, Suspect Pinned on the Ground

by viraL picker

Swedish female police officer Mikaela Kellner bravely confronted a thieft at the park while she was still wearing her sexy bikini.

A man selling newspapers approached Kellner who was sunbathing together with her girl friends at RÃ¥lambshov Park in Stockholm, Sweden last July 27. After the man left the area, one of the cop's friends noticed that her phone was gone.

Thinking that there was only one man who went close to them, Mikaela stood and chased the suspected thief.

After the short chase, Kellner successfully pinned the man and was able to recover the stolen phone of her friend who also happens to be an off-duty police officer in Sweden.

Photo courtesy of Mikaela Kellner's Instagram account.
Photo courtesy of Mikaela Kellner's Instagram account.

The man unfortunately didn't know that he hit a Swedish cop who is a power lifter and a former top competitor at the Ninja Warrior Sweden--the first season of the Swedish version of SASUKE that was filmed in August 2014.

Unexpectedly, someone in the park took a snapshot of Keller's sexy outfit while she was pinning the suspect on the ground. The police officer realized the funny bikini shot so she decided to upload the picture on her Instagram account where it received over 20,000 likes.

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