Top 5 Foods That Should Be Part of Imbolc Celebration 2017

by Editor in Chief

The annual Imbolc celebration is here once again. Such iconic festival that gives honor and respect to goddess Brighid should be celebrated with elegant food on the table.

We are listing the most important food that should not be missing during the highly anticipated festival in Europe. We give you our top five(5) foods for Imbolc Celebration.

The first one is "baked custard". "Imbolc" in the Irish Gaelic is equivalently called Oimelc, which means "ewe’s milk". You don't have to wonder why this dairy product is one of the most important elements of the festival. This delicious and mouth-watering dessert will surely be loved by your family. Aside from its yummy taste, no one could deny that baked custard is really nutritious.

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Next is bacon and leeks. A protein-rich bacon coupled with onions and garlic is a great meal during Imbolc festival. This food will easily give you a link to the Irish goddess Brighid who is also the keeper of the sacred flame. What's the connect? This food has a fiery taste of onions and garlic.

Beer battered fish and chips is the third food in the list. Fish is naturally abundant and can be caught at any season of the year. Likewise, potatoes have a long shelf life in a storage which makes it a reliable source of energy for people living in cold places. Fish and potato chips combined with a glass of beer gives a distinctive taste. Just a little note, we are not telling you to get drunk to enjoy the Imbolc ceremony.

For the fourth food, we have "curried Lamb with barley". We just mentioned about the fiery taste of bacon and leeks and actually it's almost the same reason why this food is included in the list. Also, this is closely tied to baked custard which is at the top of the list.

Finally, we have Irish cream truffles. Since the Imbolc festival's origin was in Ireland, we decided to include this food on our list. Most of all, who doesn't love chocolates on their tables?

That concludes our list of foods that you should prepare for the Imbolc 2017 celebration. Have fun and enjoy the feast!

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