Filipino Teenagers Demand to Legalize Marijuana in the Philippines, They Want it to happen Immediately!

by viraL picker

A group consisting of four teenagers marched towards the Batasang Pambansa yesterday to demand President Duterte to legalize Marijuana in the Philippines. More importantly, they want the lawmakers to act on it immediately!

Instead of running after giant drug lords, four young boys wanted to capitalize Marijuana production in the country. The group tried to convince the Duterte administration and various sectors by presenting a list of advantages as well as benefits of Marijuana alternately known as Cannabis. The teens also said that proper taxation would be necessary once Marijuana is fully legal to be sold in the local market.

The sincere intentions of the teenagers, however, triggered an online debate on various social media platforms where the boys also received heavy criticisms.

We've collected diverse opinions from several netizens regarding the proposal of the teenagers on Marijuana legalization in the Philippines.

Kachi Rodriguez Medical marijuana(cannabis extract,hemp oil) can be legalized but recreational marijuana no!

Eyjey Galang It's laws of nature that must be applied, If you're gonna consider "nature" as basis. Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp/Weed is growing anywhere around the world, without even growing them on our own, what i mean by that is, it should not be illegal in the first place. No one has the right to put the law against a plant that can sustain some of our important needs. Pharmaceuticals see hemp as a threat to them, that's why they hide the truth from people. It should not be illegal in the first place.

Neil Bayona The prejudice and close-mindedness in this comment section is real. Think of how alcohol and cigarettes kill people each year and still, it is legal.

Jl Callera Mas maraming uses yun cannabis or hemp. And cannabis is better than shabu or any synthetic drugs. And it also has a lot of benefits; processed or not.

Wade Wilson Wilson Cmon keep it real kids. Simpleng batas lang ng oras ng pag tigil sa videoke at pag inum sa eskinita inaabuso pa sino naman maniniwala kaya nyo panghawakan kalayaan ng tamang pag gamit ng mariwana sa medisina.

Karl Lu Ang cannabis used for medical purposes is LEGAL. need lang prescription. Pero ang gusto ng mga sirang ulo to gawing parang sigarilyong mabibili mo lang sa tindahan. Di nag-iisip ehh. Legalize marijuana raw.

Jason Grospe If Federalism will push through, a state may pass a law legalizing Cannabis in their respective jurisdiction (e.g. CAR). However, there will be a conflict of law with the Dangerous Drugs Act. So the solution is to push Congress and Senate for the amendment of the said law excluding Cannabis as a prohibited drug with specific exception/s (e.g. If the BFAD comes up with a study of its health benefits as well as their recommendation and that a prescription is obtained from a licensed physician.). 

Just my two cents.

Jove Schrottmann Make hemp legal for industries to grow the economy Pero wala pa ata tayong disiplina to make weed legal for everyone's consumption. Maybe the oil for medicinal treatment of cancer.

Omay Bihasa my point sila, medical marijuana is still the best and safest among alcohol, cigar, meth and other recreational drugs... BELIEVE ME, KUNG MAGBIBISYO KALANG DIN MARIJUANA NA ANG GAMITIN MO, ANG BISYO NA MAY MAPUPURA KA. and it's also best for our beloved old ones...

Photo courtesy of Celine Amilhamja, a PDI news volunteer photographer.
Photo courtesy of Celine Amilhamja, a PDI news volunteer photographer.

Martin James Tolentino Well, let's think of these 3 points:

1. There is an ongoing health bill on its MEDICINAL purposes and uses. 

2. The tax of sales on recreational use of marijuana in other states of the US, were utilized for good purposes like building schools and health centers.

3. Its not timely for our country to LEGALIZE it. I would vote for a DECRIMINALIZATION rather than LEGALIZATION.

Florence Gaye Dianala I'd rather smoke weed than smoke cigarettes. There are educated users and there are the uneducated ones. So, it's time to educate how to properly use this plant than prohibit it from the benefits it can offer to the mind, body and soul. Use it for creative and productive purposes, not just so you'll look cool in front of your peers. Use it properly and you'll see the benefit.

The call of the Filipino teenagers to legalize Cannabis might be heard by the Philippine government since its been decades that we are studying the significant medical impact of Marijuana. 

Now the question is, will you also allow general use of Marijuana such as for recreational purposes?

We want to listen to your voice, leave your comments below!

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