Safeguard Philippines Customer Inquiry is So Hilarious!

by viral pick

A screenshot of the inquiry to Safeguard Philippines will surely make you laugh.

A certain customer wanted to know the reason why Safeguard soap fails to kill all germs. The netizen tried to reach the customer service of the famous brand thru Facebook. What happened next will definitely make you laugh.

The funny inquiry became more hilarious when one of the Facebook page administrators posted a reply that reads:

Para po sa mga nagtatanong:

Hindi matapang ang natitirang 0.1% ng germs. Ito ay traumatized at tulala dahil nakita nitong mamatay ang lahat ng kaniyang kapwa germs. Nais ngayong ibalita ng natitirang 0.1% sa ibang germs out there kung gaano ka-effective ang Safeguard.

Safeguard Philippines Customer Inquiry is So Hilarious!


Though there was an intent to make the reply funny, tons of Safeguard users are criticizing the soap company for unprofessionally providing an illogical answer to the question raised by the netizen. Some commenters argued that the response was already out of context.

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