Funny Encantadia Memes Take Social Media by Storm, A Must To See Photos! 

by viraL picker

Just exactly what the headline says, we will be presenting to you a list of FUNNY and viral Encantadia memes on social media. The collected photos were conceptualized by the fans and supporters of the well-funded fantaserye of GMA 7.

The epic pilot episode of the primetime fantaserye "Encantadia" aired in GMA network captured the hearts of million viewers all over the Philippines. Its initial success was also augmented by funny Encantadia memes which were making the rounds online as netizens shared their reactions to well-crafted animations of the fantasy drama series.

The return of Encantadia in the list of local TV series made a huge impact which could probably change the entire fantaserye landscape in the Philippines. The warm approval of its viewers ranging from young children to elderly folks can be another game changing situation which will drive other TV networks to come up with their own CGI-driven series.

Talking about the rivalry of TV networks, one of the viral memes shared on Facebook depicted the giant television companies represented by its official logos.



Funny Encantadia Memes Take Social Media by Storm, A Must To See Photos! 

To further understand the trends of the Encantadia memes, we've collected the photos with most number of shares and likes. Starting off with this photo which tells us that Dermatologists will be losing their jobs because this character revealed a secret.



This composite photo showing Heneral Luna perfectly fits to the nature of one particular Encantadia character.



Do you have a clue on what is Solen doing right in this photo?



Someone was a bit disappointed over the wrong choice of actor/actress for Imaw!



This last Encantadia meme we have is probably the most hilarious of all. Youtube comedian Lloyd Cadena's photo became one of the most discussed memes on Twitter.


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