Hilarious! Durex Condom, First Aid for Sore Throats

by viraL picker

Believe it or not, a famous hardware store in Baguio city made a funny promotion of Durex condom. This story, which was initially shared by a Filipino couple, will surely make you laugh.

A certain couple from Baguio City unexpectedly went laughing out loud when they spotted a rack of condom at Ace Hardware in SM Baguio with inappropriate message that says, First Aid for Sore Throats. The wife of the man wildly laughed while she was waiting her turn to pay the goods she purchased from the store.

Hilarious! Durex Condom, First Aid for Sore Throats


The set up was quite odd knowing that no condom maker ever released a commercial adverstisement citing that it's a good remedy for sore throat.

Who would expect that a set of Durex condom will be placed in that wooden stand having that message next to it?

It's so funny, isn't it?

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