Funny Sexbomb Surprise Performance of Three Sexy Ladies Shocked Judges of Asia's Got Talent

by viraL picker

Three Filipinas brought down the house of Asia Got Talent with their "Sexbomb" rendition that totally surprised all judges of the show. Praises from the audiences poured all throughout their amazing performance.

Three talented Filipinos tried their luck at the reality TV show Asia's Got Talent hoping that they could win the grand prize of $100,000USD. This group, who is known for their remarkable vocal skills in the Philippines, didn't bother to think other tough contenders in the show. They simply wanted to share their talents and entertain Asian audiences.

When they walked out from the backstage, the crowd were stunned on their perfect beauties. They were too sexy to handle!

Funny Sexbomb Surprise Performance of Three Sexy Ladies Shocked Judges of Asia's Got Talent

The Filipino contestants humbly introduced themselves to judges Anggun, David Foster, Melanie C, and Vanness Wu. All three of them expressed their utmost happiness and joy when they spoke to Vanness Wu, a former member of the famous Taiwanese boy band F4.

After the short meet and greet, they were told to show their live performance. They turned back and waited for the music play. This was the turning point and seconds later, the judges were shocked the moment the group started singing the hit song of the pop singer Tom Jones called "Sexbomb" in a funny and entertaining manner.

They rendered an almost exact version of Tom Jones' hit song. If you can't figure out what we are talking about, please play and watch the video below.

These contestants who dressed like women are actually transgenders. The group call themselves The Miss Tres which is a unique identifier that describes their gender preference. They are working as stand up comedians in famous bars in the Philippines particularly in Quezon city, Makati, and other parts in Metro Manila.

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