Maxine Medina Officially Announces Use of Interpreter at the Miss Universe 2016

by viraL picker

The Philippines' bet at the 65th Miss Universe pageant will have a dedicated language interpreter to ensure a chance of getting this year's crown.

Maxine Medina has been criticized for shallow vocabulary, lack of proper word choice, and for being prone to grammatical errors from the very start of the competition. During her interviews on live television she has been caught in many situations where she had to speak in vernacular just to explain some simple answers to the local journalists.

Huge followers of Miss Universe have been repeatedly urging the coach of the Philippine beauty contestant to hire an interpreter. Large population of the gay community are utterly vocal in this demand after citing some language opportunities of Maxine Medina.

Maxine Medina Officially Announces Use of Interpreter at the Miss Universe 2016

After many days of arguments and debate, the decision has been finally revealed. Jonas Gaffud released the annoucement of the assignment of interpreter for Miss Universe Philippines.

The highly anticipated question and answer portion of Miss Universe 2016 pageant is expected to have a lesser pressure to Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina since a highly skilled and proficient interpreter will be translating her answer to the judges of the beauty contest. This is now a huge advantage of the Philippine candidate so she can fully express herself to whatever question that will be thrown at her.

With this development, do you think that Maxine Medina will surely take home the crown of Miss Universe 2016?

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