Most Embarrassing Moment [EVER] of Past Filipina Beauty Candidates

by Editor in Chief

While many followers of Miss Universe pageant are focused in publicly humiliating Maxine Medina, there are others who highlighted the embarrassing moment of previous Filipina beauty contestants just to make a point.

Question and answer portion is the most and highly anticipated part of the Miss Universe contest. It's also the time where millions of viewers are expected to closely watch all actions of a candidate. In this portion, every single word that the contestant would say matters because either one or two mistakes could potentially change the overall impression of the judges and audience.

There were many situations in the past where a Filipina beauty contestant literally threw a bunch of mess during the question and answer portion. Some unfortunate Filipina beauty candidates, who felt too much pressure in the competition, experienced mental fatigue which resulted to awkward reactions. Encountering such embarrassing moment is not just humiliating but it's also not that easy to forget.

Three of the infamous beauty contestants whose answers in the coronation night were unforgettable.
Three of the infamous beauty contestants whose answers in the coronation night were unforgettable.

Speaking of beauty pageant embarrassing moments, we've listed some of the most unforgettable messy answers of infamous Filipina candidates who joined locally organized beauty competitions. Hopefully these videos will be an eye-opener especially to the bashers and haters of Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina.

Watch the video of 2008 Bb. Pilipinas contestant Janina San Miguel. We assume that her answer is still fresh in your memory.

Now, watch Jeannie Anderson when asked by Gloria Diaz. Feeling that Anderson was in trouble, the 1969 Miss Universe winner elaborated the question and ended up asking if Anderson prefers to be beautiful or smart.

You want an epic fail pageant Q&A? Watch this video!

After compiling these videos, we realize that Maxine Medina doesn't deserve all the hate in the world for failing to win the Miss Universe title this year. She tried and gave her very best in the competition. Maxine Medina elicited a compelling answer compared to those candidates in the videos. 

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