Watch The Most Romantic Wedding Proposal This July 2016, Love is in the Air!

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A man wants to surprise his fiancee thru a simple but meaningful wedding proposal. So he came up with a brilliant idea which will surely make you feel all the love in the world!

To all men who are ready to marry their girlfriends but are still wondering how to magically pop the biggest question to your partners, this simple video will definitely help you to conceptualize your own version to surprise your fiancee.

The guy in the video, named John, reportedly gathered his friends and relatives so he can successfully execute his marriage proposal. There was no fancy decorations nor a catchy set up. Everything appeared pretty normal in the party venue when his girlfriend "Xas" arrived at the location.

The family of John, together with the identified hosts, came up with a guessing game to initialize the plan. In this set up, Xas was blindfolded who started to play the game "Pinoy Henyo" popularized by the noon time show Eat Bulaga.

Watch The Most Romantic Wedding Proposal This July 2016, Love is in the Air!

The connivance of the hosts perfectly worked since Xas was really cooperating well to them. She gave her best to guess the word that was written on the piece of paper which turned out to be an "engagement ring".

To make it fair, she was even allowed to guess multiple times but she couldn't really figure out the right clues for the thing that she needs to guess. When the time was over, John went in front of her with the engagement ring in his hand. He fell on bended knee and popped the question, "Will you marry me?"

Xas was speechless and tears started to fall from her eyes. She responded with a "Yes" after a long time of silence.

Watch the memorable and simple wedding proposal of John to his long-time girlfriend, Xas.

Source: Coolbuster
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