Cleaning Panda Cages Isn't that Easy As You Might Think

by viral pick

A video showing a zookeeper dealing with several playful Pandas revealed how hard for someone to clean the cages of these gentle animals.

It's quite challenging to do your job when cubs like in the ones in video would keep interrupting your task. The worker was really struggling to complete the cleaning of the cages because the Pandas were having fun and enjoying themselves with the cleaning tools of the zookeeper. They often grab the wooden basket and squeezed themselves in it.

Cleaning Panda Cages Isn't that Easy As You Might Think

Facts about Panda

Some of the established behaviors and habits of these creatures are discussed by Here are some of the common behaviors of these cute animals.

1. Low-Stress Lifestyle. Pandas prefer less stressful situation because of their low-energy diet. They avoid steep hills and maintains a solitary living.

2. Pandas would spend roughly 14 hours in eating everyday. The reason of this lengthy meal session is due to the huge amount of food they need to intake, 12-38 kilograms per day or about 40% of their own weight.

3. Pandas love to climb trees to avoid predators not because they are weak but simply they evade stronger opponents in the jungle.

4. The families of Pandas don't live together. These creatures like to be alone.

5. Communication during mating season. These giants have sensitive smell allowing them to track their previous partners thru the scent markings left in the habitat.

Watch the video and see how difficult to be a zookeeper of Panda cages.

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