President Duterte To Pardon Himself Before He Steps Down in 2022

by viraL picker

The tough-talking President of the Philippines Rody Duterte will pardon himself right before the day he steps out of Malacanang Palace in 2022. Was he joking or not?

President Rodrigo Duterte reportedly scheduled a pardon notice for himself which will be effective a day before he steps out of the palace in June 2022. This statement could have been the result of administrative charges that his political opponents are eyeing at the Senate.

We've been hearing news that Senator Leila De Lima will exhaust all her efforts for the investigation proposal against the alleged "unreasonable" deadly encounters of the police and drug peddlers. Could this be the primary reason why President Rody released the pardon statement?

We could not really make a specific conclusion out of this report since this requires adept knowledge on existing Philippine laws. However, in the same interview, Duterte mentioned some sort of explanation as to why he can't be arrested when his term ends in 2022.

Ako hulihin mo? Paglabas ko sa Malacañang, if God wills it that I still live, I’m old. Paglabas ko, arestuhin niyo ako? Okay. Basahin niyo ang Revised Penal Code. Hanggang 70 lang. Ako, eh 71 na ako, paglabas ko, 70, uungag-ungag na.

President Duterte To Pardon Himself Before He Steps Down in 2022

Knowing that the President himself is a lawyer, there could be some legal basis of his statement that we are not familiar with. If that is so, then self-declaration of pardon is potentially possible so long he can make a good list of justifications in the court.

This headline is making us feel worried about the current situation of the President. He is a walking target and literally thousands of enemies are awaiting to attack him anytime soon.

Let us continue to pray for the safety of our beloved President as we all know, he is the only one truly capable in bringing change in our faltering nation. President Duterte is doing a great job in dealing crimes and drugs intervention. Let us protect him at all cost!

As for the pardon statement for himself in June 2022, we will leave it to his legal team.

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