Giant Philippine Flag Made of Cupcakes Was the Gift of Duterte Supporters

by viral pick

Duterte supporters spent more than 48 hours in baking cupcakes to create the giant Philippine flag. They gave this gift to the new President as their appreciation to his patriotism and Duterte's unconditional love to his country.

A giant flag made of 5,000 cupcakes was the surprise gift of Davao Bakers' Club Association headed by Steven Lim. This was just one of the highlights of the victory party of Mayor Duterte that was held in the 25-acre crocodile park in Davao city.

It took two days and 30 bakers before the giant gift was completed. The supporters of Mayor Duterte came up with this idea since Duterte's patriotic behavior has been the core value of the Mayor since he started to join the politics.

The design of the giant flag wasn't that complex but the challenging piece was the process of frosting the individual cupcakes and putting it all together without a mess.

Giant Philippine Flag Made of Cupcakes Was the Gift of Duterte Supporters

Thousands of Duterte's supporters were very happy when the gift was revealed during the victory party. As for President Duterte, he commended the efforts of the people and volunteers who made the project possible. Generous sponsors who donated large sum of cash were reportedly seen in the venue and were also praised by President Duterte.

This giant flag, which is a perfect gift for Duterte, is also a good reminder to all the guests who joined the celebration that no matter what would happen in our society we should unite to bring progress in the Philippines.

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