Look: Children Used in Anti-Marcos Protests

by Editor in Chief

Politics in the Philippines is accompanied by never-ending cycle of protests but would you accept when protesters are using "children" to position their objections to the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos?


We want you to maintain an openmind regarding this controversial story. We want you to objectively scrutinize the use of students whose age are too young to be considered as part of the anti-Marcos rally. "Children" like them should be inside their classrooms but they were seen on the streets walking with other protesters who allegedly convinced, if not forced, them to join the rally.

Look: Children Used in Anti-Marcos Protests

The impact of having children as part of any protest is definitely different compared to adults screaming out their lungs along the busy streets in Metro Manila. It could immediately draw the attention of onlookers in the rally area.

Now, here are some of the questions being raised by the netizens on Facebook.

1. Do the children have the full awareness of the "real" history and was the information free from errors and any form of manipulated scripts?
2. Were they influenced by their parents or simply forced to join the event?
3. Were they informed that marching with adult protesters could potentially change their entire reputation and it could have a negative impact on their future?
4. Will there be a brighter future for these kids?
5. If the children voluntered to join the anti-Marcos protest, why did they chose to wear their school uniform?
6. Was the school administrators the primary influencer to these kids?

There are various debates on the internet. There are some loyal followers of the previous administrations supporting the initiatives of the children while some intellectuals promoting human rights condemned the actions of the kids. They claimed that the parents of the young protesters failed to provide proper guidance to these kids.

Do you think that the rights of the children who joined the anti-Marcos protest were violated? If you were are the parents of these young folks, would you allow them to be part of the rally?

We want to hear you and listen to your insights. Please use the comment section to drop your opinion. 

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