Man Wants Pistol Duel With President Duterte

by viral pick

A man from Novaliches challenges President-elect Rodrigo Duterte for a pistol duel. Quite sure that he could win the gunfight, the man said that he wants to settle things up to Duterte but he warned the President to be ready.

The drunk man who was caught by the police in Novaliches, Quezon city during its patrol for the Oplan Disciplinary hour said to the journalists that he is not afraid of the incoming President. He even cursed in front of the camera for the apparent disappoint that he was arrested the other night.

According to the police investigation, the neighbors of the suspect alerted the authorities when the man brought out his gun and randomly pointing it to anyone he saw in their area. Some witnesses confirmed the incident and testified that the suspect even fired his gun when he got mad.

Man Wants Pistol Duel With President Duterte

Despite the statements from the witnesses, the man argued that he bought the gun but quickly changed his statement and said he illegally owned the pistol.

The suspect insisted to have a gunfight with the President Duterte but the detectives simply laughed at him.


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