Airport Employee Under Arrest for Stealing Jewellery from a Passenger's Luggage in NAIA

by Editor in Chief

Ninoy Aquino International Airport(NAIA) is known for infamous employees involved in various modus operandi including "laglag bala" incidents. Recently, a certain employee handling passengers' baggage was caught stealing various jewelry.

Security personnel of NAIA have been conducting thorough monitoring of all employees working in the largest airport in the country after they received reports that passengers lost their expensive jewelry upon arriving at the airport. One particular luggage handler was the center of the investigation after previous evidence has been verified. The employee was finally arrested this week when he stole some precious gems from an innocent passenger.

The baggage loader identified as Roger Daniel was immediately escorted by the security personnel of the Aviation Operations and Management, Inc. (AVOMSI) due to his suspicious actions near the breakdown area of the baggage section. At this stage, the luggage are being moved to the baggage conveyor which will then lead to the carousel where the passenger pick up their items.

According to the report of a Hongkong-based news outlet, AVOMSI security specialist Meresa Porgadas noticed that the suspect was acting differently. She also mentioned that Roger Daniel looked like he was hiding some items in his hands. After a quick search, authorities were able to recover assorted jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and a watch.

The suspect has been working for over three years at NAIA but his work is now in jeopardy as he faces criminal charges. Roger Daniel has been suspended from work and will instead present himself to the courts. In a certain blog, the suspect is reportedly "blacklisted from any employment at Manila’s premier airport".

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