Ford Mustang No Match Against Philippine-MADE Vehicle

by viraL picker

The technology used in the luxury car "Ford Mustang" failed to match a Philippine manufactured vehicle in terms of sturdiness. The head-on collision between Ford Mustang and Philippine jeepney evidently proves this theory.

Robert Vedua crashed his expensive muscle car directly to a passenger jeepney along the intersection of Jamboree and Timog Avenue in Quezon city on July 8, 2017. The bumpers of the two vehicles did not survive to the heavy impact. However, Ford Mustang sustain more damage compared to the public utility jeep.

According to several reports, Robert allegedly manuevered his car going to the opposite lane and traversed to the direction of the jeepney. The initial investigation of authorities revealed that Robert Vedua was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred.

Photo Credit: Kevin Manalo posted this picture via his Twitter account.
Photo Credit: Kevin Manalo posted this picture via his Twitter account.

The driver of the passenger jeepney "Ruel Sedigo" sustained minor injury at his right arm. The Jeepney is still in good condition except for its bumper that requires minor repair.

The driver of Ford Mustang agreed to pay all medical expenses of Sedigo including the repair needed for the jeep.

Meanwhile, in social media, many netizens are making fun of the accident. One commenter said that he won't plan to buy Ford Mustang because of its low quality and it could not stand when it crashes to a jeepney.

Is this car crash a proof that Ford Mustang's technology is a failure? Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

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