Instant Karma to Online Bashers of Maxine Medina

by viraL picker

Even prior to the coronation night of Miss Universe 2016, Maxine Medina has already established a huge crowd of haters. But after all of those painful days, instant karma strikes back to her online bashers!

All throughout the 65th Miss Universe preliminary competition, Maxine failed to earn the respect of the major population in the Philippines. Also, it's truly undeniable that Maxine Medina is the main focus of bullying, hate campaigns, and other shaming actions on Facebook.

Huge Surprise of a large Facebook page

A big and influential Facebook page shared tons of photos of those people who were part of the public shaming of Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina. The post returns instant revenge on behalf of the beauty candidate who failed to win the crown.

Instant Karma to Online Bashers of Maxine Medina

We decided to blur the faces of the targeted bashers to avoid any conflict against the Anti Cyber-Bullying Act of 2015. This topic is treated sensitive so we carefully screened the images to ensure that we don't violate the rights of these subjects.

Be reminded that the following materials were not created by our content writers. These were collected from Facebook. Again, we do not own these photos.

Bashers, you need a dose of your own medicine!

Trolls, haters, and bashers, what are your reactions to the screenshots?

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