Modus Warning: Expensive LED Monitor Made of Plywood Revealed by Netizen

by Editor in Chief

A concerned netizen revealed the modus of an online distributor who sells a flat screen at a very low price. The deal enticed the consumer thinking that it could give him lots of savings.

Warning: The following news will potentially change your impressions to online sellers. However, we would like to clarify that doesn't have intentions to ruin the reputations of online marketers and distributors. We simply want to educate our readers regarding an incident where a buyer made a legitimate transaction to a supplier who sends fake and defective electronic devices.

What would you do if you purchased an expensive LCD screen that is made of plywood sheet? How will you chase the seller who shipped out the fake electronic product?

A certain netizen with a social media account "Netzkie Diwa Khean" shared a post on Facebook that gives warning to people who loves to make online purchases. The post was specifically in relation to an LCD screen that was made of plywood sheet.

The first photo posted by the concerned internet user would make you think that the flat LCD monitor is authentic and fully functional. The buyer, however, became anxious when he noticed that there's a lighter color exposed at the edge of the device.


When the owner of the electronic device made a closer look on the newly purchased item, the buyer was totally shocked when he discovered that there's a plywood texture on the edges of the new monitor. He tried to unwrap the device but the plastic cover was easily torn, thus, exposing the plywood board. See the original photo that shows the end-result of the modus.


During the peak of Christmas holiday season, there are people who take advantage of product shipping strategy that entices tons of buyers because these folks offer a very low price of their auctioned items. We hope that you won't be fooled with this type of activity.

If you are trapped with these online sellers, please make sure that you still have a copy of the transaction details especially the recipient of the cash. Also, it would be advisable if your online purchase was done thru bank payment option since it helps you to easily track the offender. 

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