Photographer Hilario Hyson Allegedly M0l3st3d a Girl During a Photo Shoot Session

by viraL picker

Famous photographer "Hilario Hyson" has been accused of m@l3sting an amateur model during a photo shoot session. The suspect allegedly svck3d the boobs of the victim and l!ck3d her p#s$y. Is this really happening in photography industry?

The woman who wants to protect her reputation sought the assistance of Raffy Tulfo. She openly provided the details of the alleged sexual harassment committed by Hilario Hyson who is said to be a very famous photographer in the Philippines. In the video recording containing the conversation of the journalist and the complainant, it appeared that the amateur model agreed to an "X deal". Meaning, the victim will have a photo shoot with the photographer but she will not receive any talent fee. Her photos will only be used for initial exposure to a wider audience which will somehow connect her to large modeling agencies.

The victim, only identified as Maris, met the suspect in person at a certain branch of McDonald's. The model had a companion when they met Hilario Hyson. The photographer, however, insisted that at the photo shoot venue her companion will not be allowed to join the session since he want it done privately.

The victim has previous photo shoot sessions to other known photographers which didn't result to any form of sexual harassment. Knowing that Hyson is very popular, the woman fully trusted Hilario causing her to immediately agree that she will go with him without any company. When they arrived at the hotel room, the suspect asked the model to stay while he takes a quick shower. When the photographer went out from the shower room, he asked the victim to wear a t-back underwear, asked to remove her bra, and just wore a jacket and jeans.

At this point, things started to go ugly. The photographer sudddenly removed her jacket, then svck3d her boobs. The suspect even l!ck3d her v@gina while she remained shocked at the situation.

In the conversation of Tulfo and Hyson, the photographer admitted several acts including a previous sexual encounter he had with another girl model. For complete details of this alleged sexual assault by Hilario Hyson, please watch the video below. Don't forget to share your comments and thoughts at the comment section.

Update: We've been searching the web to look for any similar complaint to this photographer but so far there are no clear incidents citing his involvement to similar issue.

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