Poor Housemaid Bonita Baran Turned Blind Due to Maltreatment, Received Punches from Abusive Filipino Employer and Was Hit Against the Wall

by Editor in Chief

Filipina housemaid experienced a nightmare of violence while serving a family in Visayas Avenue, Quezon city. The victim was only 17 years old when she first received multiple punches and other violent treatment from her employer.

In the Philippines, housemaid is one of the easy to find jobs in the country. The qualifications are tailored to people who are undergraduate or even the ones who didn't reach secondary education. Because of high poverty rate in the nation, people are easily convinced to grab this job opportunity.

In the case of Bonita Baran, she accepted the job offer of a family living in Quezon city believing that they are responsbile and kind employers. She started to work in the house of Analiza Catahan and Reynold Marzan in 2007. She worked hard day and night so she can provide financial support to her family in the province.

Horrible Experience of the Filipina Housemaid

The housekeeper initially endured several verbal attacks of her employer until Analiza Catahan started to become too violent. The housemaid was allegedly locked inside the toilet and storage rooms for no apparent reasons. She was asked to eat cockroaches, slapped with figurines and was hit against the wall. The helpless househelp also sustained wounds all over her body because the female suspect allegedly stabbed Baran using a pair of scissors.

The worst and life-threatening encounter of Bonita with the family was when Analiza Catahan punctured her eyes and pressed the flat iron right to her face. During the Senate hearing in 2012, ( the case has been discussed in courts for around five years before the decision was released) the housemaid told the investigators that her right eye was forcibly pierced using the fingers of her employer.

The victim doesn't have the capacity to pursue legal battle in courts prompting Bonita Baran to seek assistance from Public Attorney's Office(PAO), a government agency where underprivileged citizens are being assisted.

Public Attorney's Office exists to provide the indigent litigants, the oppressed, marginalized and underprivileged members of the society free access to courts, judicial and quasi-judicial agencies, by rendering legal services, counselling and assistancein consonance with the Constitutional mandate that "free access to courts shall not be denied to any person by reason of poverty" in order to ensure the rule of law, truth and social justice as components of the country's sustainable development. - source - PAO website

After half a decade of court hearings and legal battle, househelp Bonita Baran finally received justice that she has been longing for years. Her abusive employers in Quezon city were sentenced to a maximum of 40 years imprisonment.

The poor housemaid broke in tears as she emotionally expressed her happiness after Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 77 released the decision of the case she filed five years ago that triggered a Senate hearing in 2012. In an interview, Bonita Baran said that she is thankful to God that justice has been finally served.

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