Single Lotto Winner Takes Home P107 Million

by viraL picker

A single lotto player wins the jackpot prize of the 6/55 grand lottery game of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office(PCSO) on January 21, 2017. The sole bettor takes home over 100 million pesos.

Finally, after a long period, PCSO declared the newest instant millionaire last night during its major lotto draw schedule. Many were hoping that more than one winning ticket got the combinatons. However, only one lucky bettor got the winning numbers.

The representatives from PCSO verified and validated the winning combinations of its grand lotto game yesterday. The six winning numbers (in any order),52-17-20-43-15-19, were announced by the officials of the lottery game company. 

Single Lotto Winner Takes Home P107 Million

The identity of the latest lotto jackpot prize winner is not yet known but PCSO is expected to issue a press release once the winner claims the prize. PCSO, however, won't exactly reveal the name of its winner for the safety and security of the person. They will only provide clues and hints about the new millionaire.

Congratulations to the single winner of grand lotto 6/55 dated January 21, 2017.

For those who haven't got a chance to win a lotto prize, don't lose hope and continue to buy more lotto tickets for a bigger chance of winning huge cash prizes from PCSO!

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