Terrifying Video Footage: Typhoon Nina Hits Bicol Region

by Editor in Chief

A video footage shared by a certain netizen who allegedly lives in Bicol region shows the terrifying force of typhoon Nina that slams the area early Monday morning, December 26, 2016.

Thousands of people are scared about the safety of their lives when strong winds started to hit Catanduanes on Christmas eve. More and more residents are worried in their situation when heavy rains poured along with the citings of storm clouds on December 25, 2016.

Frightened local settlers ran for their lives and evacuated as early as December 23, 2016. Other residents, however, were reluctant to move to the evacuation centers as they were thinking that their livestocks will be targeted by thieves and other people who are taking advantage of the typhoon situation.

Terrifying Video Footage: Typhoon Nina Hits Bicol Region

Though majority of the citizens in Catanduanes and Bicol region wanted to secure their safety, there were brave individuals who went out of their shelters to have a closer look of the typhoon's path as well as to record a video.

In this particular footage, a resident went to the beach area to observe the surging waves which is estimated to be at least 2.5-meter high. In the same video, one can tell that the big waves would be enough to crash a fishing vessel because of it's obvious massive force.

At the peak of typhoon Nina's onslaught in Bicol region, evacuees noticed that many trees were randomly uprooted because of strong wind gusts in various parts of the province.

Watch the terrifying footage, a video that captures the situation in Bicol when typhoon Nina sweeps the locality.

Grabi Ang bagyong Nina Dito sa bikol

Posted by Benson Capua Jimena Bm on Sunday, December 25, 2016
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