Unreasonable Holiday Fare of Uber and Grab Car Services Scrutinized by Netizens

by Editor in Chief

Despite the stern warning from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board(LTFRB) to Uber and Grab car services, both companies are still allegedly involved in big fare surges this holiday season. Were you a victim?

This time of the year is the peak of commercialism. People are willing to stretch their budgets and spend thousands of dollars to celebrate the feast relating to Christianity. This situation becomes the advantage of both Uber and Grab car services who offer varying fare rates to their passengers. One of them gives a fixed rate(unless the route has been totally changed) while the other is more dependent on the approximate calculation of fare based on certain conditions injected in their system. According to some feedback on social media, where the companies are scrutinized by the netizens, the fare surges are highly unpredictable. Sometimes even if there are tons of cars around the area, the charging is still too high.

Though thousands of shoppers are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to these private car services, there are some who just couldn't accept the unreasonable holiday fare surges of Uber and Grab car services. Some netizens on social media described the actions of Uber and Grab as something "abusive" and unfair to commutters.

The communications issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board(LTFRB) to Uber and Grab car services.
The communications issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board(LTFRB) to Uber and Grab car services.

This article is very sensitive and we don't like to offend nor provide false accusations on both car companies. We want to be objective and professional (in all aspects) so that we can educate you regarding the alleged controversial issue on "blatant fare surges" of Grab and Uber car services.

At the middle of December 2016, one particular tipster sent a screenshot to which shows a very expensive charge of Uber considering that the person was just within the radius to his/her destination. It's pretty obvious that there's only a short distance from the pick-up point to the destination but the fare is P831.00. Do you think that this is acceptable in legal perspective? Does it promote commercial balance in the business ecosystem?


When LTFRB released a memo that warns the competing private car services to "not take advantage of the holiday season to unreasonably surge their respective rates", a certain Sui Generis shared a separate shocking information showing the deliberate increase of fare charges initiated by Grab car. We don't know if this is really authenticate but this is making rounds on social media. Take a look on the attached photo. The estimated fare is P27,225 if the passenger decides to choose Grab car (sedan). Again, do you think that such surge rate is fair? Cars connected to Grab are all over the place as seen in the picture below.


Today is New Year's eve and we don't exactly know the programming structure of both systems to when it would trigger a surge rate. Be vigilant and immediately report the case to LTFRB using the hotline number or SMS/Viber contact of the government institution. Make sure to capture relevant details so that your complaint will be addressed accordingly.

We wish that your New Year shopping spree would be great as well as your trip going to your respective homes tonight. Don't be afraid to report any unreasonable fare surges of either Uber or Grab car services. For those who are commuting using taxi, be careful and avoid those drivers who are asking for huge additional charges.

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