An Abandoned Mother on Mother’s Day

by Princess Lyka

Will you ever abandon your mother and let her stay in the streets? Be ready with a pack of tissue paper before you read this tear-jerking story.

No less love and care of a mother to her child since the day her baby was born. A mother's life is always at risk when giving birth but still she wholeheartedly takes responsibility to give life to her child. But how can her own child endures abandoning her and leaves her helpless especially if she’s too old to care of herself?

Photo Credit: Heidi Liza Matamis
Photo Credit: Heidi Liza Matamis

An example is the poor mother in the picture. The photo was taken on May 14, 2017, which was the exact same day for mother's day celebration. The old woman was walking near Alabang-Zapote Road flyover. She looked so very unfortunate considering that she was also in danger of heat stroke. Her head was wrapped with a plastic cover. I didn’t have the opportunity to come close to her since I was riding a bus going to the province but the truth is clear--there are mothers who are suffering the pain of abandonment. Whatever the children’s reasons are, I just really hope that one of these days, they will come to realize that they lost a big part of their lives of having a mother.

As a saying goes, “You can change friends but not parents.” As final words to these heartless people who can turn their backs from their own mother, I wish they won't suffer the same situation when they get old. I hope their own children will never ever leave them alone.

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