Deadliest Asset of Duterte's Security Team is a Beauty Queen

by viral pick

Nobody was expecting that part of the security team of President Rodrigo Duterte would be a group of women in uniform including the deadliest cop who was part of the Philippine beauty pageant.

Meet the beautiful 2015 Miss Philippines-Earth candidate of Baguio City. She is Sofia Loren Deliu whose father is a Romanian national. Though she failed to earn a title from the local beauty contest, Sofia still earned the respect of his fellow officers and fans all over the country.

After earning a degree from Saint Louis University in Baguio City in tourism management, she enlisted in the Philippine National Police Academy and formally joined the police force in 2014.

Deadliest Asset of Duterte's Security Team is a Beauty Queen

She was delightly honored when she received the invitation of President Duterte to be part of the elite security unit of the highest political rank in the Philippines.







Sofia Deliu is highly skilled in combat operations, special weapons and tactics, bomb disposals, and rescue operations. She has been serving in various special divisions of the Philippine National Police.

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