Effortless Dance Moves of 63-year-old Mum, Kpop Hit 'Boom Boom'

by Editor in Chief

A 63-year-old mom demonstrated an effortless dance moves to her daughter who took the video that went viral after it was posted online. The clip shared on Facebook continues to earn thousands of views.

Dont' judge the book by its cover. A famous metaphorical phrase that fits to the latest viral video on the internet which was posted by a proud daughter Kristine Cinco. If I were in the position of Kristine, I woul definitely have the same feeling and I could be prouder than she is. Can you imagine your 63-year-old mother dancing the kpop tune 'boom boom' and she did it with less to no effort at all!

In the 92-second video clip, Kristine mum is initially seen slightly swaying her hips but a few seconds after she did an amazing dance steps of the popular korean girl performers "Momoland". Her own version caught the attention of thousands of netizens considering that she did seamless transition from one step to another.

The 63-year-old mom earned praises from netizens not just for being good at it but also for wearing a perfect smile. 

Effortless Dance Moves of 63-year-old Mum, Kpop Hit 'Boom Boom'

There are so many people who are utterly shocked at the talent and skills of Kristine's mum while others are wishing that they will have the same level of agility when they turn old. 

Here's the viral clip which was uploaded by Kristine Cinco on her Facebook account. As of posting, the video has 68,762 Shares and 68,762+ Likes with over 4.6 million views.

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