Billing Charges Anomaly of Globe Broadband Revealed on Social Media

by viraL picker

What will you do if you keep on receiving inaccurate bills from your internet service provider? Will you expose any form of charges anomaly and billing statement error on social media?

These are just some of the many possible questions raised by individuals when they incurred unexplainable charges in their billing statements. One netizen, however, bravely revealed repeated erroneous charges in her broadband bills thru her Facebook account.

For sure, the Globe broadband subscriber "Princess Lyka" is totally frustrated and pissed off with the kind of customer service she received that's why she turned to social media to share her aggrevating experience from the telco.

She narrated the story behind her aging complaint to the billing department of Globe broadband. She is also urging the government to intervene and fully investigate the alleged false promotional offer that the company is doing in the Philippines.

Screenshot of Princess Lyka's post about Globe Broadband's recurring billing error.
Screenshot of Princess Lyka's post about Globe Broadband's recurring billing error.

Here's the latest post of the netizen on Facebook.

ATTENTION!!! To all Globe Postpaid Broadband and other Globe Postpaid subscribers:
Please help me bring out Globe's overcharges to be investigated. Please look into your monthly bills and check if on top of your Plan which should be INCLUSIVE of VAT, Globe still charges additional VAT.
I have been charged for the past 7 months and Globe looked into it and they reversed the charges. But it happened again.
Please be VIGILANT!!! Small amount per Filipino subscriber means Millions or even Billions of Globe Telecom's profit from OVERCHARGING.
If you really want to help and be helped,please send a copy of your OVERCHARGED Globe bill to me through a PM.

Globe Telecom hasn't issued any formal explanation yet, according to Lyka. Thus, we hope that in the coming days Globe broadband shall shed us light regarding the claims of Princess.

Globe Telecommunications Inc. is said to be the prime internet service provider in the Philippines. Many people are easily convinced to switch to this company because of its well-advertised products. The company proudly wears their slogan, "create a wonderful world with Globe." The telecommunications company also brags at their website that "with Globe Broadband" you can "turn your home into the best entertainment hub."

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