Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 461 Passengers: God is Good All The Times!

by Editor in Chief

Filipino plane passenger thanked God for saving her life after the traumatic plane accident she encountered at Iloilo International Airport.

Aviation accidents involving fixed-wing aircrafts are scary to imagine especially when it happen mid-air or at the peak of the plane's operational altitude. It would be a lucky day for passengers to experience plane issues while the aircraft is already at the ground level.

Around 180 passengers of Cebu Pacific passengers onboard Flight 5J 461 had to undergo emergency evacuation plan initiated by the airline's pilot and crew members when the aircraft veered off the runway of Iloilo International Airport on Friday at 11:15 p.m. According to the official statement released by Cebu Pacific management, all passengers were declared safe after the emergency evacuation. They also said that the inviduals have been attended well by the airport personnel.

One particular traveler "Loui Latoza Babiera" described her horrific experience thru a post on Facebook. She initially said that the plane landed on the rice fields near the airport. Despite the horrible and traumatic experience, the passenger is thankful to God for the protection thru the entire flight.

Lord, thank you po sa 2nd life! I am still shaking and in trauma. Flight 5J 461 of Cebu Pacific landed in the rice...

Posted by Loui Latoza Babiera on Friday, October 13, 2017

Meanwhile, over 40 domestic and regional flights were cancelled due to the accident of Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 461. Emergency response team had to work overtime to remove the aircraft from the runway. 

Technical details causing the plane landing gear to fail is still being investigated by aviation experts.

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