Download Links of NCCC Mall Davao Scandal Video Is Top Searched Keywords on Facebook

by Editor in Chief

Netizens are searching for the download links of NCCC Mall Davao scandal video which allegedly involve a mature girl having a steamy sexual encounter to a man believed to be an active mall employee.

NCCC Mall Davao Scandal is currently the most searched keywords on Facebook as internet users are hoping that they could find a link to the alleged video footage. In the said clip, the couple are allegedly having their moments inside the mall.

Based on the information that we collected from the internet, a mature girl is seen in the NCCC Mall Davao scandal video together with her partner. We are not sure though on how old is the woman because majority of the words are in the local dialect used in Davao city.

Photo: Illustration purposes only.
Photo: Illustration purposes only.

Netizens who watched the sex video have divided reactions. Some are really admiring the performance of the mature woman while others are saying that the girl is so gross since she allegedly swallow the "protein shake" of her partner.

We will continue to monitor the situation on Facebook and once we obtain a copy of the video scandal, we will immediately update this post  to include more details of the NCCC Mall Davao Scandal.

If you have the download links of NCCC Mall Davao scandal video, please do not share it publicly because you might be possibly sued for spreading the scandalous footage.

As of posting, NCCC Mall Davao branch hasn't issued yet any comment regarding this controversy.

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