Inspiring Story: Kid Sings to Strangers for his Medication

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This kid looks so healthy but once you find out his real condition, you will surely fail to hold back your tears. So, grab a tissue paper before reading this heart touching story.

A 15-year-old boy in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is currently the spotlight on social media after a kind-hearted netizen shared his inspiring story. In the narrative of Elisa Regalario Secillano via Facebook, she provided some details about the kid's situation which will truly stir your emotions.

The unexpected encounter between Elisa and the kid happened sometime last week in Robinson's Sta. Rosa, one of the popular malls in the province of Laguna. The boy identified as Tristan Dynel Gogit suprisingly approached them and sat opposite to their table. Elisa and her friends were initially reluctant to entertain the kid but they were moved when Tristan humbly offered to sing in exchange of the medicine that he badly needs.

The group gave in to the agreement since one of them previously saw Tristan singing in the famous food court of Robinson's mall. While Tristan gamely sang his favorite song, Elisa pulled out her cellphone and recorded a short video capturing the golden voice of the boy.

After his rendition of the gospel song "Hesus", Elisa gave more time to know the life of Tristan. The kid shared his story including his parents who both now have their own family. He also narrated how he is battling his health condition and his difficulty in raising his little brother.

Here's the video clip showing how Tristan joyfully sang the Christian song.

Photo courtesy Elisa Regalario Secillano.
Photo courtesy Elisa Regalario Secillano.

From the post of Elisa, this ill kid has to travel to Fairview, Quezon city so he could undergo the required dialysis procedure to preserve the last piece of his kidney organ. There are times that he gets the treatment for free so he just simply sings to the medical experts to compensate the help given to him.

But what's truly moving in the acquaintance of Elisa and the kid was when Tristan declined to accept the offer of her friends to buy him some medicine. The sick kid instead requested them to buy him an Omega pain killer.

Elisa said that she learned a lot from her conversation with Tristan. She left a message to everyone citing that we have to smile and be happy despite the individual struggles we have in our lives. Elisa cited Tristan as a good role model who keeps on fighting to survive.
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