Lost and Found | Netizen Searching the Owner of iPad Air 2 Gadget

by Editor in Chief

A certain kind-hearted netizen is currently in search of the owner of iPad Air 2 gadget which was allegedly found by his uncle at the famous mall in Pasay city.

An expensive Apple product with a market value of more than $400 US dollars was left by an unidentified man at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City last January 18, 2017. The person who found it, however, is attempting to return the gadget to its owner. The netizen seeks assistance on social media to speed up the process.

Ian Reyes-Tan shared the information regarding the lost iPad Air 2 in the famous Facebook group called 'Hachi's Buy and Sell'. He said that the electronic gadget is secured and locked.

Lost and Found | Netizen Searching the Owner of iPad Air 2 Gadget

According to Ian, he would require some verification steps to ensure that the person who will claim the iPad is indeed the real owner.

The netizen is requesting the owner to first send a personal message to Ian's Facebook account. Aside from initial assessment, Ian would possibly use FB messenger to discuss the meeting place and other details. Finally, Ian is requiring the owner of the iPad to bring one of her/his children before claiming the item.

If you happen to know the owner of this iPad Air 2, please inform the person to follow the instructions mentioned above.

One last note, we are so happy to learn that the relative of Ian Reyes is more than willing to return the asset. We really appreciate his effort in searching for the owner.

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