NBI Hunting the People Behind Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage Secret Facebook Group Over Alleged Circulation of Private Videos and Photos of Ordinary Women

by viraL picker

Members and administrators of the infamous secret Facebook group called Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage is currently being tracked down by authorities over the alleged circulation of private videos and scandalous photos of women online.

Several complaints of women victims who were allegedly harassed due to the perverted posts of the online forum prompted the National Bureau of Investigation personnel to immediately conduct an online security monitoring to crack down the people behind the secret group.

According to similar video reports, members of the said Facebook community leaked videos and circulated photos which they personally took themselves when they spotted the woman they like on the streets.

NBI Hunting the People Behind Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage Secret Facebook Group Over Alleged Circulation of Private Videos and Photos of Ordinary Women

At first look of the group's name, one can easily associate it to a religious community since the first phrase exactly tells you about the most common religious gathering that focuses in learning the word of God. However, Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage is totally sick since its primary objective is to share obscene photos and private videos of women including children.

Unknown to many social media and internet users, Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage and other variant Facebook group names have been spreading sexually motivated posts including photos and videos of Filipina women for many months now.

A certain woman learned that she was allegedly pimped on the internet and secretly being introduced to men who are totally strangers. As a result, these men were offering her some huge amount of cash in exchange of their sexual motives.

Behind the Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage Private Facebook group

The online closed forum consist mainly of men members who are following each of the admin posts that contains obscene pictures of beautiful women and children. Aside from photos, the members are also actively sharing private videos that they collected while roaming the streets in the metro.

The group requires new joiners to share lewd photos of ordinary women or girls they think the members would love to see before the administrators of the group would approve their request to join the online community.

As a practice, its members are using Biblical terms to show their approval and appreciation to other members who shared an obscene content. Typically, they would mention "Amen" to encourage the uploader to continue posting other explicit pictures of non-celebrity women.

The group's name has been fully identified by authorities but the creators and administrators of the secret Facebook group are not yet fully distinguished. However, Senator Risa Hontiveros wants to unmask and exposed the people behind the group.

The senator immediately proposed a harsh penalty in response to the case of Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage Facebook group. If the proposal will be approved, it will penalize any offender to a minimum of 5 years imprisonment and could face a maximum fine of P500,000.00.

Meanwhile, do you think that NBI officials can easily hunt the suspects and place them behind bars anytime soon?

Below is one of the video reports discussing the content and nature of Bible Study ni Pastor Hokage Secret Facebook Group. Watch it to understand the issue and danger that this group could bring to our peaceful society. 

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