Netizen Reacts to 'Welcome to Philippines, Province of China' Tarpaulin at the Bridge

by Editor in Chief

A certain netizen made a rightful decision of removing the controversial banner with a message that reads, "Welcome to Philippines, Province of China'".

Manila, Philippines - A netizen who noticed a political tarpaulin bearing a message that says, "Welcome to Philippines, Province of China" willfully removed the banner away from the top of the bridge. Jeremy Salomon took a photo of his action including his interaction with a local journalist.

Malou Tiquia posted a Facebook status today that reads;

A malicious operation done by a group supposedly to instigate fire and anger among Filipinos. 

Mocking Duterte and the sensibilities of all, ensuring noise reach high decibels for a grand march during SONA. All these lead up to a No El scenario since Duterte will be removed October. If not, “Duterte will surely call for Martial Law.” 

This is the present day opposition. Reckless and no regard for country. And someone said, “Duterte destroyed the economy Aquino built.” Had to look hard at that person. Really hard...

Netizen Reacts to 'Welcome to Philippines, Province of China' Tarpaulin at the Bridge

In that particular post, we saw a comment from Ann Cruz about the reaction of Jeremy Salomon. She applauded the action of Jeremy for fearlessly removing the controversial banner from the bridge where it was placed early this morning. We visited the profile of Salomon and indeed he made a heroic decision which portrays his patriotism towards the country and for protecting the interest of the Filipino people.

Here's the post of Jeremy thru his Facebook account.

Ang sabi ko kay Kuya Inquirer...

Reporter:"Madaling araw pa may naglagay dito sa poster na ito? Bakit naglakas loob ka tanggalin?

Me"..Ako ay ordinaryong Filipino kung sino man naglagay nito ay tanungin ang sarili? Tama ba ito?.. Kung may karapatan ka maglagay ng poster pero "Maling" impormasyon, may karapatan din ako "i-Tama" ang mali.. Kung ilagay mo I love Philippines, sa tingin mo tatangalin ko??"

Reporter:"..Sino sa paningin ko ang naglagay??.."

Me:"..Who cares? Kung alam ko na mali ay basta gagawin ko ang tama.. At tingin ko kagagawan ng fake media at mga aktibista.. Kung may nagastos ka sa paglagay mo ay hanapin ako at babayaran ko pagawa mo."

Stop this #bullshit #non-sense


Thousands of Filipinos expressed their disappointment over the negative message posted in the public area. There are variety of opinions coming from opposing groups who reacted to the Inquirer journalist who interrogated Jeremy. 

Nonetheless, many people are showing their support to Jeremy. Netizens are also encouraging each other to be more vigilant of similar actions as the SONA of President Duterte is getting closer.

Meanwhile, several people are quite unhappy because of the attitude of local journalists who are focusing on the negative aspects of the current administration.

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