Netizens Totally Mad at the Rainbow Express Bus Driver(+Video)

by Editor in Chief

Thousands of netizens are furious at the arrogant bus driver of Rainbow Express Transit who committed a major traffic violation in a certain street in Quezon city.

Yesterday, along the busy street in Quezon city, the driver of the public transport almost hit a private vehicle when he tried to counter-flow the traffic. The major offense of the bus driver could have instantly killed the other motorist including the passengers of the SUV.

According to Kirstoff Guinto, the suspect allegedly tried to manuever straight onto his car. The bus driver, who completely occupied the other side of the lane, verbally abused him and it came to a point where he was even challenged for a fist fight.

Netizens Totally Mad at the Rainbow Express Bus Driver(+Video)

In the viral video, the rude bus driver continued to intimidate Kirstoff including the traffic enforcer who responded the incident to resolve the road rage. 

The altercations between the two drivers caught the attention of netizens. The internet users, however, are furious to the aggressive and rude driver of Rainbow Express bus coporation.

Here are some of the other obvious reasons why thousands of netizens are way too angry over the behavior of the traffic violator.

1. The bus driver was at fault but he didn't give way so the SUV can pass thru
2. The driver of Rainbow Express positioned himself as if he has all the rights to take whichever lane he wants to use
3. Aside from the arrogance of the suspect, his traffic violation even caused additional burden to other drivers who were stuck at the back of his vehicle
4. At the latter part of the video, he grabbed a long metal bar and tried to slam the side of the SUV

Watch the viral video of the bus driver who counter-flow the traffic in Quezon city.

If you are caught in this kind of situation, what do you think would be the best solution?

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