#TaxiGirl a.k.a. Ashby Aldane Cruz Earns the Ire of Netizens

by viraL picker

Post of taxi passenger 'Ashby Aldane Cruz' on Facebook made the netizens angry. Online rage prompted the girl to deactivate her own social media account.

A female cab passenger popularly called "taxi girl" is currently the top trending topic in social media. The said woman allegedly recorded a video intended to humiliate the hardworking driver because the latter declined to make a stop in a certain drug store.

Two viral clips allegedly uploaded by the taxi girl identified by netizens as Ashby Aldane Cruz became the solid proof of her arrogance and complete disrespect to a taxi driver. In the same video, the father of Ashby is also heard shouting and yelling out to the chauffeur.

#TaxiGirl a.k.a. Ashby Aldane Cruz Earns the Ire of Netizens

Based on the screengrab containing the rants of taxi girl, she apparently tried to win the sympathy of the netizens because her sick parent was never allowed by the driver to buy his medicine at the Mercury drug store along their way home.

We don't like to translate the narration of the 'arrogant' taxi passenger. We want you to judge the sentiments of Ashby Aldane and let you decide if her post on social media justifies her claims against the taxi driver.

Here are the videos of the rude taxi girl and the driver who tried to be calm despite the rough treatment of Ashby and her father. Watch it!

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