VIDEO Footage: Akyat-kotse Gang Attacks Victims in Makati City

by Editor in Chief

Authorities previously issued reminders to car owners and drivers against bukas-kotse and akyat-kotse gang in the Metro but still more people became victims of the notorious groups. Watch the video below and see the crime.

In this article we shall expose how these groups of young people execute the akyat-kotse in Makati. We will also discuss the things that you can do to protect yourself and how to avoid being involved in this situation.

Akyat-kotse is a variant to bukas-kotse. The former doesn't require the suspects to open the doors of the victim's car while the latter does. Having that said, akyat-kotse gang will have to spot cars with windows rolled down before they engage.

In the case of the latest akyat-kotse gang caught on video in Makati, they pushed their plan during a heavy traffic. In scenarios like this, one of the members acts as a spotter from a distance. The person assigned to this task is usually a girl who looks innocent (or probably acting like to be one). Another group of young men are disguising as street vendors but will immediately move closer to their target victim when the spotter provides a hand signal plus a nod. The person who will snatch an item from the car is typically a man who will be coming from the rear side of the vehicle. This is the exact setup as seen in the dash cam video posted by Eugne Gomez in Facebook. The entire execution of the crime is just a matter of seconds.

Here's the viral akyat-kotse video which was captured somewhere in Guadalupe, Makati city--a place where many snatchers and street thieves are lurking everyday. Also, this is where a call center employee was shot in the forehead a few months ago.

Some tips to avoid akyat-kotse gang

1. During heavy traffic, never ever roll down you car windows.
2. Always lock your car doors when you are stuck in a traffic jam in Makati.
3. When someone approaches you car, even street beggars, do not open your car windows because they could also be part of the akyat-kotse gang.

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