Watch:RapBeh Part 1, part 2 Scandal Videos Search Result Topped on Facebook Queries and Search Engine Results

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Netizens are searching for RapBeh videos hoping that search engine results would give them the opportunity to watch the controversial and viral clips. On Facebook, the hashtag #Rapbeh is the top search query this weekend.

Invasion of privacy is a huge crime but what if you allowed your friends to capture a photo and video of your own sexual affair and later your sex video has been shared online? What will you do and how will you respond to the situation?

That's the overview of the problem that the infamous Rapbeh girl is currently facing after she learned that a video about her private moments with her boyfriend has gone viral on social media.

There were two separate versions of the RapBeh videos which were allegedly uploaded two days ago by a certain large influential Facebook page. Because of curious netizens wanting to have a copy of the clips, several people shared it via personal IMs, thru Facebook groups and other areas of the giant social networking site where it can't be easily spotted by the global administrators of Facebook.

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Details of the #RapBehVideos

According to the description of this blog, the footage of the scandal shows a young couple doing their thing while being surrounded by other teenagers who took closeup pictures and videos of their sexual encounter. The website also mentioned the identity of RapBeh girl whose name is Claire Marielle Miralo.

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We further reviewed the video clips of RapBeh scandal thru some of its copies that are still publicly available on Facebook. From the looks of the couple, the girl appeared to be on her senses and seen normally responding to the actions of the boy.


On our personal assessment, there are no tangible signs that both of them are under the influence of drugs or liqour. However, a post on Facebook, mentioned that Claire Marielle was forced to take an alcoholic drink which allegedly contained another substance that later weakened her locomotor responses.

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In the other viral video, which is almost five times longer than the first one, the couple seems to be inside a motel. The facial features of the girl has a close resemblance to RapBeh girl including a similarity of their braces but since the video is a bit blurry, we could not really conclude if the girls in both videos are one.

If you really would like to watch the complete RapBeh videos, we advise you to use Google search engine since there are several authors who embeded the actual video in their posts. Here in, it's against our policy to include a sensitive video in our articles.

Anyways, there were rumors that Claire Marielle Miralo died after committing suicide. A screenshot of a personal message that came from "Olma Maika" is making the rounds online after citing that Rapbeh is already dead.


Before the false claim gained more attention, a man named "Jhon Peter Santos" refuted the statement of "Olma Maika". He clearly stated he has spoken to Claire who is working in Angeles, Pampanga.


A similar post was also posted by "Anne Santos Santos" who firmly stressed that RapBeh girl is truly alive. The Santos couple are also planning to request for a thorough investigation of the case to identify the people behind the spread of RapBeh part 1 and part 2 video scandal. Once the suspects are identified, they will file relevant charges on the courts.

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While Rapbeh girl Claire Marielle remains in deep trauma, thousands of netizens on social media are exchanging unsocilited opinions as they weigh on who's to blame on the spread of the videos.

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