Look:Woman Pretending as Doctor Collected Over P7,500 of Cash, Modus Operandi in Parañaque

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A woman involved in various modus operandi in Parañaque city and other parts of Metro Manila was pretending as doctor so she can prey on her target victims last Sunday.

A false professional medical practitioner identified only as certain Doctor Cherrie successfully materialized her modus at a Pharmacy in Parañaque. The incident which occurred in the densely populated city started with a friendly conversation of the suspect and the two personal assistants of the store owner.

Full story of the Modus Operandi

At around 7:15pm last November 13, 2016, the Pharmacy employees were approached by the suspect who appeared harmless and friendly. The woman smiled to the ladies and introduced herself as one of the closest friends of the drug store owner.

Unaware of the real intentions of Doctor Cherrie, the employees inside the Pharmacy entertained the suspect. This is when the woman found the opportunity to execute her evil plans. The suspect continued the conversation with the ladies which allowed her to slowly gain the trust of the victims.

In just a few minutes of short talks, the suspect began to instruct the Pharmacy personnel to take the money(50-peso and 100-peso bills) out from the cashier's drawer. She assured the employees that she will exchange it with 1000-peso bills.

Confident that the suspect will follow the agreement, one of the ladies immediately reached the money in the drawer and she gave it to the woman. Aside from that, the fake doctor was also able to convince the other lady in the store to give out four bottles of expensive Dr. Alvin toner.

The owner of the Pharmacy, Lota Guinto Garcia, was having a family bonding activity when the whole incident occurred. She only learned the problem when her personal assistant called her to inform all sales for the day were taken by Dr. Cherrie.

Garcia turned to Facebook to seek help of the netizens to locate the whereabouts of the suspect. She also added some additional details of the case and cited that her personal assistants whom she trusted for six years were fooled by an old woman.

Here's the unedited post of Lota on Facebook followed by the photo of the alleged suspect involved in the modus operandi.

I need your help friends. Paki share lang po sa lahat wall nyo lalo na sa mga taga south side ng manila. 
Kanina lang po ito, around 7-7:30 pm. Wala kaming lahat for a Sunday bonding, when my trusted PA for 6 years called my hubby to inform us na naloko daw sila ng babaeng ito. Nagpakilala daw po syang Doktora Cherrie na kaibigan ko- madam ang tawag sa akin. Pinapakuha ko daw ang mga bills ko na 50's at 100's na umabot sa 7,500. Papalitan daw nya ng buo. Kaibigan ko daw po itong manlolokong ito. Napaka bolera at matamis ang dila. Kumuha pa daw ng 4 bottles Dr. alvin toner, then naisama pa ang 2 ko pang PA para makuha ang bigay nyang lechon at pansit, sumakay pa sila ng jeep hangang sa pababain na lang nya ang 2 para mag commute pabalik sa store ko dahil kami na lang daw ang kukuha ng kapalit na 7,500 at foods. Nag pa blotter na po kami sa police station at ang sabi ng mga pulis, ilang beses na daw po nakulong ang babaeng ito na ang area ay paranaque, pasay at mga kalapit lugar. Mag ingat po ang lahat ng mga kaibigan kong may tindahan/ botika. Bukas aayusin ito ng mga anak ko para mailabas ang clear video. Pasalamat na lang ako at di nakapasok sa store ko. Kase sabi daw po ng mga pulis, di daw lumalakad na mag isa ang mag ito, parating may lookout. Salamat sa bayaw ko na me pasalubong na clear cctv camera. Salamat pa din po ke Lord kase nailabas ko na ang kaunti namin benta sa maghapon, kaya mga small bills na pang ang nakuha nya. Pasiktin natin sya, pero nahihiya pa kaya ang mga ganitong klaseng tao?


This is the woman who claims that she is a doctor and friend of Lota Garcia.

A CCTV footage was also uploaded by Garcia on social media which vividly show the face of the suspect.

Eto na po ang nangyari..... 11/13/16 ; around 7-7:30 Pm Nagsimula sa tanong na "ilan ang bills mo sabi ni madam?".......sana makarating po ito sa kinauukulan lalo nasa mga tv news. 19 years of operation, ngayon lang may ganitong nangyari sa pharmacy ko.

Posted by Lota Guinto Garcia on Sunday, November 13, 2016

Incidents like this are very common during holiday season. Everyone should be more careful when dealing with strangers. Do not indulge long conversations with unfamiliar folks.

If you happen to encounter a similar situation, you can directly share the narrative of the incident to the PNP Text Hotline, 0917-847-5757.

For the meantime, let us share this post on Facebook so others will be aware of this report. It would also help them to avoid from going closer to this woman. Let's teach her a hard lesson!

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