Three-peat! Accenture Twist and Turn PEP Squad Wins the 2016 Call Center Olympics(Colympics) Cheerdance Competition

by Editor in Chief

Again and again! Accenture Twist and Turn PEP Squad wins three consecutive cheerdance championships at the  Call Center Olympics. The squad's recognition happened during the awarding ceremony held at the Meralco Gymnasium in Ortigas, Pasig City.

The pep squad from the largest and leading Business Process Outsourcing "Accenture Philippines, Inc." proved their might to all Colympics cheerdance competitors as they bagged the champions trophy last Sunday, July 31, 2016. Accenture's distinctive cheerdance performance has truly separated the team from the other four contenders at the recently concluded Call Center Olympics. 

Rigid Selection of the Squad

Early in February 2016, the group had already started to conceptualize different sets of cheerdance routines. They particularly aimed to move away from traditional cheerdance styles and replace it with more vibrant performances.

Being one of the largest companies in the Philippines, Accenture took the leverage in conducting careful screening of individual applicants to ensure that they will have the right flyers who could execute difficult stunts.

Photo of Accenture Twist and Turn Pep Squad courtesy of Rizzy Amil.
Photo of Accenture Twist and Turn Pep Squad courtesy of Rizzy Amil.

It took them almost three months to find the appropriate talents from its pool of internal applicants who came from different Accenture projects. The lengthy screening procedure of the group resulted to a delay in their practice schedules. In June 2016, the squad was already chasing time but remained hopeful that they could still achieve their goal to become the first ever company to earn a three-peat record in the Call Center Olympics cheerdance competition.

High Performance. Delivered.

After a short period of preparation and limited training hours, Accenture Twist & Turn Pep Squad finally became ready for the competition last night. But before they took their turn, the team's courage and fighting spirit were very evident as they watched the other competitors from the sideline. Every spectacular cheerdance move and routine of their opponents further ignited their determination and will to capture the trophy.

Indeed, after their 5-minute routine on the court, Accenture Twist and Turn was hailed as the winner of the 2016 Colympics cheerdance because of their stunning and unparalleled performance.

This memorable winning moment of Accenture is a significant proof that the company can really live its slogan-"High Performance. Delivered."

Congratulations to Accenture Twist and Turn PEP Squad for the three-peat record! Purely no luck! It was earned because of your labor, skills, and distinguished talents!

Watch the video courtesy of Christine Mapas.

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Posted by Christine Mapas on Sunday, July 31, 2016

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