Convergys Men's Volleyball earned Colympics Three-peat Record | 2016 Call Center Olympics Finals

by viraL picker

Convergys(CVG) won again the men's volleyball championships game at the 2016 Call Center Olympics (Colympics). The team earned the three-peat record which also marked another important history of the Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) olympics finals.

For three consecutive years, Convergys men's volleyball captured the championships trophy. This particular game was previously dominated by SPi Global but CVG has surprisingly created a more powerful and aggressive set of players who always thirst for a crown.

In one particular advertisement, CVG's celebrity endorser Alden Richards mentioned that "Success Takes Perseverance". This became the primary motivation of the men's volleyball team to achieve the three-peat record in the 2016 Colympics.

2016 Convergys Men's Volleyball Team courstesy of Colympics Facebook page.
2016 Convergys Men's Volleyball Team courstesy of Colympics Facebook page.

The finals wasn't really an easy game for Convergy's volleyball team but their player's individual courage and determination to become the champions in this year's competition left their opponents stunned on the court. Their relentless near perfect game plays made them too formidable against their competitors.

Also, CVG's men's volleyball team became too intimidating to the other players when their defense and offense executions simultaneously worked together. 

Congratultions to CVG's men's volleyball team for setting the three-peat record in the 2016 Call Center Olympics.

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