Hidilyn Diaz Blessed by God, Wins Silver Medal at Rio Olympics plus VIDEO

by Editor in Chief

After two decades of Olympic medal drought, Philippines is finally blessed with silver medal thru Hidilyn Diaz's effort in the women's 53-kg weightlifting division. She is the first ever woman athlete to earn an Olympic medal for the country.

The rough journey of the 25-year-old female weightlifter ends with flying colors as she bagged a silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last Sunday, August 7, 2016. The courageous athlete gave her best and a good fight to other tough world olympians from China, Taiwan, and Korea.

Hidilyn Diaz, a native of Zamboanga City, earned three unique records for the Philippines, (1) first woman to win a medal for the country (2)  first Filipino to win a medal in weightligting and (3) first Philippine Olympian to win a medal outside boxing sports.

Road to the Olympic Silver Medal

During the first lift, or snatch event where the weightlifter has to lift the barbell from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion, Diaz failed her two of her three attempts leaving her at 88 kg and ranked 6th place. Her score was way too far from China and Chinese Taipei.

Hidilyn Diaz Blessed by God, Wins Silver Medal at Rio Olympics plus VIDEO

Hidilyn, however, remained optimistic despite her failed attempts. At the sideline, she silently sought help from God and asked for enough additional stregth to continue the battle that is being dominated by other Asian countries. After the short prayer, she went to the platform hoping that thru God's power and guidance, she will be successful in her attempt to clear the lifts in the clean and jerk event.

It was indeed an aswered prayer, Hidilyn Diaz was able to record two successful lifts, 111 kg and 112 kg. Though she failed to clear the 117-kg lift, Diaz was still on top of the chart due to the disastrous lifts of Li Yajun of China who failed to clear any of her three attempts.

After the announcement of the winners, Hidilyn Diaz celebrated at the sideline expressing her enormous happiness in winning the silver medal. Hidilyn is heared praising God in a short video she uploaded on Facebook.

The Philippine Olympian glorified God and repeatedly mentioned in the video,

"Thank you, Lord. Kakaiba ka, Lord God. Kakaiba ka."

Here's the video capturing the successful lifts and winning moments of Hidilyn Diaz.

Alternate video containing the actual lifts of Diaz during the snatch event in the 23-kg weightlifting women's division.

Congratulations to Hidilyn Diaz!!! Fellow countrymen, let's celebrate and just like our winning Olympian let's bring all the praises to Him, "To God be the Glory!",, abs-cbn

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