Direct Link to Facebook Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Application Page

by Editor in Chief

People are asking for the direct link to Facebook latest application called Valentine's Day Card 2017. Good thing that you landed on this website. The URL of the app is on this page!

Everybody wants to greet their loved ones in a simple yet romantic way this Valentine's Day. There are many conventional ways to express your feeling and affection to the special person in your life but in the age of technology you need to embrace some important transformations which make things easier than before. For instance, Facebook's Valentine's Day electronic card is far more convenient compared to the traditional method offered by Hallmark greeting cards.

There's a designated gallery or a collection set of Valentine Day cards found in the Facebook application. However, this app is not designed to create a mega stylish greeting card. We just want to emphasize this limitation because this newest feature of Facebook isn't built to compete against the advance eletronic cards in the market but still it serves it's main purpose-to connect to your friends, family, or your partner in life.

How to Create Valentine's Day Card Using the Facebook App

Creating a Valentine's Day greeting card is simple and easy to execute. First, you need to visit the official page of the software application unless you directly received an invitation from Facebook asking you to try the app.

Once you successfully loaded the app page, it will display a list of colorful card covers. Select a card that you like on the right side of the screen by clicking the thumbnail photo. Once clicked, the enlarge version will be shown on the left hand side of the window.

Once you have fully decided the card to use, just click 'Share' button. You can add a personalize message as well before you hit post.

Remember that you can share the personalized Valentine Day Card to your friend's timeline or to your own timeline. Additional options are also available such as setting the target audience or list of people who can view the card.

Again, visit the direct link of Facebook Valentine's Day Card for you to pick the photo that you like to share.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Spread the love and share an e-card on Facebook.

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