Facebook Friends Day 2017 Videos Will Hit Your News Feed

by Editor in Chief

Creating Facebook Friends Day Videos could be the next hit this February 2017 as the largest social networking site in the world announces the launch of the special feature.

In December 2016, year in review videos became the biggest trend on Facebook where people shared some of their most important memories and success stories in that particular year. After such enormous and creative feature, Facebook came up with a newer idea called #FriendsDay video.

We know that you are so eager to create and design your personal friends day video. Having that said, we will give you the steps on how to build one.

For those internet users who didn't receive the actual notification alert about this latest feature, you can visit This will give you the screen with a message that reads;

Happy Friends Day, [Your Name]!
We're celebrating friendship on Facebook's 13th birthday, so we made you this video about you and your friends.

Note:To some other Facebook users, you are required to click on "Request Video". Just follow the instruction and wait for about 5-10 minutes before you will receive the video notification.

Once the link is accessible, a readily available video with pre-selected photos of you is being suggested at the right hand side of the window. If you choose to share it directly to your news feed, simply hit "Share Video" and select the target audience whom you like to see your friends day clip. Then click "post".

If you prefer to customize the video, just click on "Edit Video" and choose the photos you want to appear in the video clip. You also have the option to upload your desired photos from your computer. Choose that option so you can replace the existing pictures in the video.

Once done editing, hit "Share Video", select the audience for your video, then click "post".

These are very simple ways to create your Friends day video. What are you waiting for? Log in to your Facebook account and follow the given instructions.

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