Facebook Ruins Philippine Independence Day Celebration

by viral pick

Facebook spoiled the celebration of Philippine Independence day. The mistake of the giant social media platform has drawn mixed reactions from the netizens.

Facebook has a good sense of keeping people's awareness on important holidays for all of its users around the world. However, what Facebook did early today has ruined the commemoration of the Philippine Independence Day .

Millions of Filipino netizens expressed their disappointments on social media regarding the error of Facebook when it displayed the inverted Philippine flag on the user's news feed. Many pinoy angrily mentioned that the graphic designer of Facebook should be aware of this since the company recently opened its office in Manila.

Facebook Ruins Philippine Independence Day Celebration

The greeting that goes "Happy Independence Day" immediately received criticism and has sparked debates on the internet. Other users simply shrugged off the incident but there were some who were really angry to Facebook. In a certain post, a netizen said "Mark Zuckerberg is pro-China and has been courting the Chinese government for years to have Facebook whitelisted from the Great Firewall of China that's why he is taking side on these communist government over the Philippines since he has a huge interest in that territory."

We would like to get your opinion regarding this matter. Do you also believe that Facebook ruined the Philippine Independence day when it showed the inverted Philippine flag?
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