Learn How to Create 2017 Year in Review Video on Facebook

by Editor in Chief

Have you watched your friends' Year In Review 2017 awesome videos on Facebook? It's a nice and easy way to reflect significant memories of your life on social media this year.

You might have heard that Facebook officially announced the release of 2017 Year in Review feature video tool which allows you to create a collection of your memorable posts on the largest social networking in the world. In this post, you will understand how year in review app of Facebook works including the detailed tutorial on how to create a video using the application.

For those who created their year in review videos in the past, they might already have a clue on what exactly this annual online event of Facebook. For the benefit of those internet users who are not yet familiar with the steps, you may simply follow the instructions below for you to publish your own year in review video.

How to access your year in review video on Facebook?

The normal practice of Facebook is to give everyone the opportunity to share a summary of the users' timeline in 2017 which they officially call "year in review" video. For some reasons, which only Facebook could really explain, the feature sometimes is not automatically activated on your account. Some of you have to manually request so you can have access to the video.

To start creating your own 2017 year in review video, visit the link of the Facebook app. This can be simply done by clicking the following URL. It's anchored to a new window so you can continue to read our post which will serve as your guide for you to complete the process.

This will prompt you to "request video", so simply hit the button to proceed. After the button is clicked, you are going to see the following message:

Your Year in Review
It should only be a few minutes now! We'll send you a notification when your video is ready.

Please be patient and wait the notification alert advising you that the video clip is ready.

Facebook Year In Review Videos 2017. Create yours now!
Facebook Year In Review Videos 2017. Create yours now!

Once you are notified, a link will direct you to a page that has the options (a)Edit and (b)Share Video plus the message that reads;

[Your name],here's a look back at the ways your friends and family shared in your 2017. From all of us at Facebook, we hope this video reflects the love and care in your life.

Facebook allows the user to select what they want to include in the video timeline. Most of the time, people prefer to collate memorable experience from their photo albums and video collections. More importantly, they opt to add positive and inspirational messages they posted in 2017.

After completing these simple steps, you can now proceed and share your year in review video to your friends or to the entire social media community.

Take note, if you were not active on Facebook nor not being tagged by your friends, then you might get this message:

Your Year in Review
We're sorry, we don't have enough content to make a video for you.

Let's spread this cool feature of Facebook. Create your 2017 year in review video now!

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